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Kibo Seed was originally set up as a sales satellite of Kenya Seed Company with the sole objective of distributing seed maize. The company has diversified over time to include farm inputs and horticultural seeds. Following expiry of the 2012–2016 Strategic Plan, the company has now developed a five-year Strategic Plan for the fiscal period 2018/19 – 2022/23, which draws from the company’s experience in implementing its previous Strategic Plans and also takes into account the developments in the agricultural sector.

The preparation of the Strategic Plan was carried out in a consultative process. A fundamental tenet of this Strategic Plan was to build on its historical performance, consultations (internal and external), the challenges and threats emanating from the current operating environment as well as anticipated trends and stakeholder expectations. The ultimate end of this Strategic Plan is to strengthen the company’s future position in Tanzania. This Strategic Plan creates a roadmap around the strategic objectives and strategies that are geared towards facilitating the development of a robust agriculture sector in line with Tanzania’s development agenda. The key elements agreed within the strategic planning framework are briefly set out in this executive summary together with reference to the Strategic Plan for greater detail.

The company maintained its Mission as it is aligned to their image and objectives of the Strategic Plan 2018/19-2022/23. The Company has taken cognizance of their mandate, the needs of all stakeholders and their Vision in their Mission: “To avail quality certified seeds through best agronomic and value adding technologies to the satisfaction of our customers”

The Vision describes a vibrant and compelling image of the desired future state of the company. In consideration of its strategic direction, the company retained its vision as it clearly captures its future aspirations. Kibo Seed aims: “To be the preferred supplier of top quality certified seed in Tanzania and beyond” Rallying Call

In line with the Mission and Vision, the company’s rallying call is: “Trusted Quality” translated in Swahili as “Ubora wa Kuaminika”. The rallying call is intended to enthuse and energise the teams to focus on matters related to its strategic objectives. It also resonates with the vision and mission statements.

The culture and behaviors exhibited at all levels of the organization will be guided by the core values of: 1) Passion for Quality; 2) Professionalism; 3) Accountability and Transparency; 4) Teamwork and Cooperation; 5) Integrity; 6) Corporate Social Responsibility; 7) Innovation and Creativity and 8) Gender Equity. The values form the basis of Kibo Seed’s norms and guide the expected change in behaviour to create a strong and an enabling culture within the organization.

The company identified the following eight strategic objectives:

  1. To avail adequate seed to meet market demand throughout the planned period
  2. To ensure quality standards of seed are met throughout the planned period
  3. To increase sales to 5000MT of maize, achieve 15 billion for horticulture and 5 billion for other varieties to make 40 billion by June 2023.
  4. Strengthen stakeholder by developing partnerships.
  5. Attract and retain competent staff
  6. Adopt modern technologies across the value chain
  7. Financial sustainability
  8. Adoption of annual Operation plans


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